Time Scene Investigation - Part 12

Part 12

Finally this storyline comes to a close.

Malcolm Waxer, by the way, is an ancestor of Sy Waxer, a time traveler himself (who is a creation of some other guy on YouTube).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, exterior] (CW, voiceover of the photo of the terminal) "So. I guess you'll be shadowing us now, huh?" (KS) "Not really. I work out of Austin, and I am kept real busy. I'll just check up on you folks about once a month. We do want to give you this, though. It's a 'Men In Black' style neuralyzer. (handing her the device) I know it doesn't look like the oversized pen in the movie, but it works the same way. (close-up of the machine, with readouts for WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS, MINS SECS) We understand that you'll meet new people from time to time, and eventually you'll have to tell some of them about your special secret… but in case they can't keep a secret – and you'll know because everything around you will start to change instantly – that's when you'll pull this out, set it and zap 'em with it." (CW) "May I ask what y'all are gonna do with the time machine plans?" (KS) "Build our own time machines, of course! Your discovery is a powerful tool that our secret service can use to the benefit of our nation. That's why we're keeping you 'in the loop' here. I've assigned Agent Malcom Waxer to oversee the project, so you may hear from him if he has questions." [BG comes in from off-screen, wearing the time machine, handing something to CW] (CW) "Cool. Oh, thanks, Beth. Well, just to show there's no hard feelings, I had Bethany get this for you." (KS) "The 'LORD OF THE RINGS' TRILOGY?" (CW) "And not just ANY old 'Lord of the Rings' books… the first printings from 1955!"

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