Time Scene Investigation - Part 8

Part 8

The Comanches were the Native American tribes that populated the area now known as Dallas-Fort Worth (among many other areas).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Cassie, WHAT THE FUCK?! You just made an FBI Agent DIASAPPEAR!!! You're gonna get us KILLED!" (CW, quickly pushing some buttons on her time machine) "SHHH! Calm down!" (BG) "Oh, RIGHT, CALM DOWN when OTHER AGENTS are gonna BUST IN HERE ANY FUCKING SECOND!" (CW) "I KNOW! I'm going NOW! I'll be back before you know it!" [1522] (CW runs through the time portal) "Okay, where you at..." (KS, off screen) "DROP THE TIME MACHINE DEVICE NOW OR I SHOOT!" (CW, holding hands halfway up and the time machine away from her) "Not a good idea, buddy. If you kill me, this thing gets destroyed and you're stuck in the 16th Century!" (KS) "How do I know you're not joking with me?" (CW) "LOOK AROUND! There's no planes, no fences, no power lines… and the United States doesn't even EXIST yet, which means you have NO ONE to answer to or help you. So you might as well negotiate with me!" (KS) "Are you crazy? NO WAY!" (CW, turning and walking away from him) "Fine. Say 'hola' to the conquistadors for me! Oh, and I hope you speak Comanche!" (KS) "What? WAIT!..."

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