Hair-Ever I May Roam

Hair-Ever I May Roam

TLT Trivia: Maggie Harper makes her first appearance here.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Maggie! I love the new hairstyle!" (Maggie Harper's first "official" appearance – and she's NOT married) "...never thought I'd get it cut this short, but I decided to donate some hair to 'Locks of Love'!" [Exterior shot – Homeless Assistance Center, 40th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Feast] (CW) "That's the charity that takes your hair and makes wigs for, like, people getting treated for cancer, right?" (MH) "That's the one!" (CW) "Sounds like a good cause. I'd do it if I didn't just spend 50 bucks at the salon last week..." (CW, to herself) Hey, waitasec... I know where I can get a LOT of good hair... [1996 – Metallica at the barber!] (Lars Ulrich) "Yeah. Cut it all off. ALL of it." (James Hetfield) "We got a new album coming out and we want a brand new look to go with it!" [Cassie is in the background, with a broom and dustpan]

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