Tutunkhamun Cat Is Not Amused

Tutunkhamun Cat Is Not Amused

This is probably one of the first TLT strips to be hotlinked to a message board or blog, if a Google search I did was any evidence.

ADDED 8-21-11: I had to redo Cassie, Matt & Bethany in this one. They were just way too deformed by recent standards.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2128 BC; Egypt and the Pyramids] [MG singing "Walk Like An Egyptian"] (CW, with BG holding the lamp) "I can't believe I let you do this. I sure hope you didn't piss off any pharaohs or start riots." (CW) "Relax, Cassie, this place wouldn't have any visitors for centuries. Besides..." [offscreen, over a panel of confused archeologists] ..You know how revered and worshipped cats were in Ancient Egypt, right? (Archeologist 1) "So what's it say?" (Archeologist 2) "It says 'O Hai... I'm in ur chareeut... chasin away snakez'..." (Archeologist 3) "`Surprize... Butt... Secks'? This can't be right..."

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