Takin' Her Back To The Old School - Part 7

Part 7

Today marks the acting debut of Cassie's little brother Patrick! (I say "acting debut" instead of "first appearance", because technically, Patrick's first appearance was in the family portrait in a strip a few months back.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1998] (Young Patrick Wells catches the older CW) "What you up to, Cass-hole? (CW, whispering) "Er... uh... none of your business, Pat-prick... and keep it down, mom and dad are sleeping!" (to herself) And I don't want Cassie '98 to hear us... (YPatW, whispering) "Why you acting all top secret, you got a guy in your room?" (CW) "No... and why are you up so late?" (to herself) Shit... I can't do this until I can get him off my ass! There's gotta be something I can use against him... (YPatW, still whispering) "No school tomorrow, remember? I'm just watching TV all night." (CW) "Well, I need to get something from the den." (YPatW) "What? Hey, I can get it for you!" (CW) "No, I got it..." Hmmm, now we're getting somewhere... BINGO! (TV's on to late-night cable!) "What the... hey, you watching 'Skinemax', you little perv?" (YPatW, not whispering anymore) "Crap! Don't tell mom... PLEASE don't tell mom!" (CW covers YPatW's mouth) "Shhh! Okay, dork! I promise not to tell mom if you'll just shut up and stay in here for the next half-hour, no questions asked, deal?" (YPatW) "Deeupff!" (CW, upstairs, to herself) Phew, that was a close one... [THUD] ...and THAT would be me hitting the hay! (tucks the new "speech" under sleeping Teen CW's arm) Let's do this now and get the hell outta here. Sleep tight, Cass. You got a big day tomorrow.

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