Takin' Her Back To The Old School - Part 6

Part 6

i has a clifhangr

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Okay, Beth, here's the plan. Keep an eye on that one page in the yearbook. (opening her handbag) I'm gonna go into the kitchen, time warp back to '98, and once I know I'm asleep, I'll move in to make the ol' switcheroo." (BG) "Wouldn't it be easier to just open the time portal in here, reach in and switch the papers out that way?" (CW) "Well, I don't remember exactly where my desk was. And I don't want to risk waking my past self up – or even worse, burning myself with the time portal. [Note – the edges of the time portal are really, really hot. Cassie has said this in tweets and some Formspring Q&A sessions.] Alright, I'm off... See ya in a few minutes!" (BG) "Good luck!" (CW, to herself in the kitchen) Okay... May 28th 1998 3:00 AM and... activate! [1998, the Wells family kitchen] Good. All nice and quiet. SO far everything's going off without a... (off-screen voice, with a "CLICK") "Who goes there?" (CW, to herself, snapping the machine closed) ...Hitch.

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