What you are looking at is the 100TH TLT strip that I have produced! What a long strange trip it's been! Here's hoping I can keep it up for more multiples of 100!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW's computer room] (MG) "Hey Cassie, check out what I just bought!" [both looking out front door window] (CW) "Is that a Model T?" (MG) "It sure is... One of the first to roll off the assembly line a hundred years ago! It just barely fit into the time portal!" (CW) "Sweet! Oh, by the way, I found that Sonic Youth video you were looking for on YouTube. You know, the one with the skateboards..." (MG) "`100 Percent'? Cool! Hey, could you grab a couple of the 100-calorie Cookie Packs? '1 vs. 100' is about to start!" (CW at her computer) "Just a sec... I'm about to download that song by Haircut 100." ["Love Plus One", by the way] (Television Voice) "Your question is... If you were told to 'Say the secret word and win a hundred dollars,' which game show would you be on?" (MG) "You sense a pattern here?" (CW) "I dunno. Was there supposed to be some big event today?" (Game show contestant's voice) "I'm a hundred percent certain it's 'You Bet Your Life', Bob!"

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