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Just Checking! (2013 begins here)

Thomas Overbeck

I couldn't resist tossing another little brick out there. :)

(This takes place before this, by the way.)

Thu, Jan 03, 2013

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Haven't you heard? 21st December 2012 was only meant to herald the beginning of the 7 year countdown... meaning the world will end in 2019!! *sighs*

Thu, Jan 03, 2013

David Nuttall

Just before that other strip, by the looks of things.

Plenty of things have happened, not nothing happened. Mind you, an extinction level event has not happened, but lots of other things have happened in 2012, like me finding and following a really cool time-travel web-comic.

New events for 2013. Hey, Cassie, any hints about the Toronto area (particularly in the TSX area)?

Thu, Jan 03, 2013

David Nuttall

Arrg! Still? The end of an incredibly accurate calendar written over 1200 years ago does not mean the end of the world! Where did the idea of a 7-year countdown come from?

Thu, Jan 03, 2013


From someone who obviously doesn't have a time machine. ;)

Thu, Jan 03, 2013


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