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A Whole New Arc - Part 5

Thomas Overbeck

I'm totally guessing at how long it takes for a shipping vessel to get from Houston to Amsterdam. I guess that'll give Cassie and Matt a few extra days to take in the Dutch sights and sounds (and pot and prostitutes).

Mon, Sep 06, 2010

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you should ask Fed-ex or DHL or some other parcel company how long would it take to post two bodies, one robot the other er!

Mon, Sep 06, 2010


This is quite the complicated plot!

Tue, Sep 07, 2010


Heh, you want complicated? You should have seen what Cassie had to do to help me out with the Selig Series between the 1982 and 2008 Brewers!

Wed, Sep 08, 2010


a scandal? absolutely :)

Sat, Oct 05, 2013


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