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Words With Friends In High Places

Thomas Overbeck

Voljack (VOLE-jak) n. An electrical outlet.

Thu, Aug 05, 2010

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Another URL


Volejak is a German company into experemental research (i googled). also a band from germany (on youtube)

Thu, Aug 05, 2010


You've been playing Scrabble with BlkKnight? Of Crossing Death? That's awesome!

Thu, Aug 05, 2010


Rocking the "voljack".

Fri, Aug 06, 2010

Kurt Sasso

Now if only whatchamacallit was an english word I'd totally win at that... Or even Chiropractor triple word score there. :)

Also, today is the final day for voting for Times Like This vs. Rick the Stick in Bracket 19

There are only 4 votes that separate you from winning.

Good luck and as always great strips Tom :)

Sat, Aug 07, 2010


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